Jealous Devil is proud to make its charcoal from pure hardwood – a sustainable, renewable resource. But they are also committed to protecting the ecosystem that created it. Currently, their hardwood is sourced only from trees already being harvested to make space for agriculture or development – they’ve never Moreover, they only source locally grown hardwoods that have been thoughtfully harvested using Eco-conscious methods and in full compliance with the Paraguayan government.

Jealous Devil

A lot of thought and work go into ThermoWork’s design and selection of their products. Many of their thermometers are award winners and widely recognized as the best in their class. Most are unique and different from what others offer. If you shop carefully and closely compare performance, features and price, you’ll find they are the leading value in many product categories. They make low cost pocket thermometers, high speed thermometers, sophisticated professional meters, and a growing variety of sensors and probes. Behind the panels or labels of other equipment you’ll find they make OEM temperature components for a growing number of other companies.


Developed by Bob Healey, an engineer, an entrepreneur, and patriotic American through and through, and a renaissance man’s man who has developed the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, the first of a long line of torches that is and will be designed specifically for lighting charcoal grills, wood stoves, outdoor fireplaces, campfires, controlled pasture burns, outdoor trash incinerators and just about anything you can think of that you need a high power fire torch to solve your problem. I call it the GrillGun from his company called GrillBlazer /

You will not believe how quickly, easily, safely and effectively you can start your grill and how macho you will look while doing it. If you are like me, you’ll be cooking on your grill three minutes after you start. I’m including the time it takes to walk out to the grill, put charcoal in it, light it, heat it up, sterilize the grill grate, and put your food on to cook! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

GB GrillBlazer

In 2007, neighborhood GrillMasters all around the country were fighting for control of their grills. Every grill, from the fanciest to the small, on-the-go cooking surfaces, were causing the same uneven heat and bland results. Our founder noticed that what can be a great, fun tool had become a huge source of stress. No one wants burnt, under-cooked (or over-cooked) food at the neighborhood get-together! As a result, he designed raised rails that sit on a bottom plate (often with holes) in order to deliver a safer, more controlled grilling experience with mouthwatering results. Our patented design has made it onto the grills of thousands of grillers, from novice to avid, in the years since.

Today, there are GrillGrates that fit grills, air fryers, smart ovens, campfires and even skillets! We believe that everyone deserves to make delicious food at home (or on the go!) with their grill and we try to make it as easy as possible to do so. Our value is simple: we make your grill better (and your food delicious!)


Hassell Cattle Company is a three generation located in Rusk, Texas and the home of our exclusive Blue Collar Wagyu - the highest quality Texas Wagyu at prices that the "every day man" can afford and enjoy every day.

We raise 100% Hormone Free and antibiotic free F1 cross cattle by breeding registered Wagyu bulls with Angus cows that produces a high prime beef that rivals beef, anywhere.

Konnichiwa Y'ALL!