Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Live Fire grills are designed for versatility and durability, offering a unique way to cook with fire, wood and charcoal. They feature high-quality 304-grade stainless steel, adjustable grill heights for temperature control, and a distinctive style that caters to both traditional and modern outdoor cooking techniques.

Primal Grills are perfect for a wide range of foods, including various meats, vegetables, and seafood. The design allows for both direct and indirect cooking methods, giving you flexibility for grilling, smoking, and even slow roasting.

Consider the size of your gatherings, your preferred cooking methods, and the space you have available. We have three models to choose from and more models will be available in the future. Our team is available to help you match the perfect grill to your lifestyle and culinary aspirations.

There are several ways to control the temperature: how you arrange the charcoal, fire, and embers (hot and cool zones and picture frame); the height of the adjustable cooking grates (caveman, grill, roast, smoke levels), and placement of your meats (direct or indirect). See How-To and Recipe video pages on our website.

Yes, they certainly are. If you can light a fire, you can use your Primal Grill to cook a variety of foods.

We are working on establishing showroom locations. For now, you can explore detailed images and videos on our website or contact us for virtual demonstrations.

We accept major credit cards, PayPal, and other secure payment options as detailed on our checkout page.

Yes, we offer financing through third-party providers. Please visit Shop Pay Installments for more information and application details.

Your grill will be securely packaged and shipped to your address. We provide tracking information and support throughout the shipping process.

Each grill comes with a detailed instruction manual. We also offer online tutorials and customer support for any assembly questions.

Please refer to the included user manual for initial setup and safety guidelines. Pitmaster Harry Soo and his team also provide online resources and tutorials to get you grilling like a pro.

Please refer to the Recipe and How-To pages on our website.

Yes, we will be offering a range of accessories and customization options. Visit our accessories page or contact us for recommendations.

Use the provided rake and shovel to remove ash after your cook. The rake has a V-point on the other side to scrape our patent-pending J-grates. Use a grill cleaner and cleaning rags to spray down and clean the stainless-steel surfaces.

Yes, our grills come with a comprehensive warranty. Details can be found in the warranty section of our website. If you have received your grill, please register here.

Please see our returns, refund, and cancellation page on our website.

Our grills are designed in the USA and manufactured overseas where costs are lower so we can pass on the savings to you. After considering various stainless-steel options, we decided to craft them from durable, commercial heavy gauge 304 stainless steel, which boasts over 10.5% chromium for superior corrosion resistance, ensuring they are rust-resistant and built to last. Unlike less durable options like 430, which lacks water resistance, or the cost-effective but rust-prone 201 and 202, our choice of material stands for quality and longevity.

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Yes, we are committed to sustainable practices. For product design we have incorporated sustainability into our packaging efforts. We deliberately avoided shipping in cork board packaging with Styrofoam. We designed our packaging following best practices for minimizing damage such as using vertical cardboard walls that have lids on top and bottom allowing customers to take the bands and lids of and having the walls slide out rather than the box and fold method. Also, we reinforced the corners and all four sides.

Yes, if you opt to integrate the grill into your barbecue counter, the leg assembly is detachable for a seamless built-in installation. For any other questions not covered here, please feel free to reach out to us directly via the Contact page. We’re here to help!

Please complete the online warranty registration form once you have received and assembled your grill.

All three Tiers of support are ONLY available to the original owners of Primal Grills.